Keeping On Keeping On...

Oof, there's been a lot going on. Last weekend was busy busy and this week was busy busy, so this weekend I decided to take it easy.

I'm declaring it Craft Weekend 2010. What does that entail, you ask?

Making more of these.

Trying this out (with my own pattern and supplies)

"Live Love Helvetica." Because really...what more do you need than Helvetica? I rest my case.

Crocheting these for a friend :)

And continuing working on this.

Also this weekend? GIANTS. We're making it this time...let's all chant together. GO GIANTS!!

Today I marched to the farmers market while shaking my bum to this.

This week a delightful package arrived from my dear talented silversmith friend. :) Have been wearing them with pride all week.

Going to get back to my crafting now that I'm hyped off on coffee and the delightful chill blowing through my window. Is anyone else as thrilled about fall being here as I am?? I've been wearing sweaters with pride for the past few days. I'm so excited!!

I'm hoping all of you lovelies have fantastic weeks ahead of you and a delightful weekend. Thinking of you always.



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