Reflections on 2012...

It would be an understatement to say that 2012 was an eventful year.  I don't think I'm alone on that front.

There are a lot of different ways I could approach a post about 2012.  Reflection, photos, 'bests', goals, etc.  As I was looking through my photos from the year I realized just how much I'd done this year.  Made things, cooked things, gone places, met people, new job - all of it.

Maybe it's not cool to say this, especially on your own blog, but hey, I'm proud of myself!

So here's my reflection on an eventful, stressful, and when it comes down to it, wonderful 2012.

I went to Pixar. IN Pixar.

I made a clutch...or five.

Spent some time with my kid-brother.

At this place. You know, my favorite place?

I found out how magical the TARDIS is and have a real one now. (it's bigger on the inside!)

Threw a Sherlock themed birthday party. Complete with decorations, costumes and British nosh :)

I made a throw.

I met a nautilus. And it was awesome.

I worked and I waited. And indeed, opportunity did come on that Tuesday.  New job FTW!

I made a dress.

I bought new shoes and took my favorite "foot picture."

I celebrated the wedding of one of my oldest and most dear friends.  It was everything and nothing that I expected. But mostly everything...

I met this guy.

And we went some places.

I carved a pumpkin.

Went on a business trip.

Explored minor league hockey? But took a good picture with the bro-unit.

Got my first real Christmas tree.

Dressed up.

But when it comes down to it, what got me through this year the most were the people around me.

My favorite, most wonderful family.

And my fantastic friends far and near.

There is no way I would have made it through this year without my people, achievements or not.  At the end of the day, it comes down to the people you fill your life with, and I'm lucky to be able to fill mine with the best people I know.

I'm moving on to 2013 with high hopes, exciting plans and quite a few more goals to meet.  I'm excited to start and even more excited to leave 2012 behind.  I wish all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and hope that you get to celebrate it with people who are special to you.

All my love for the New Year!

~ Marina


Some Things...

It's been a while since I've posted anything personal on here. So I thought I'd flip through some photos to give you an idea about what I've been up to.

I found my favorite shoes for the year. They are amazing.

Went on an adventure with David into emo territory. Otherwise known as Berkeley. We dressed in camouflage. 

I went on a business trip for the first time.

I managed to make my way back to this place.  For a very important game.

I carved a pumpkin. His name was Bob.

Took part in a turkey fry.  It was delicious.

Found some fantastic free type and made love with it.

Made do without pro hockey and supported the local minor league team.

Brought home my first live Christmas tree.

And then there's this fellow.

Things are good. Things are real good.  And I'm not questioning how or why, I'm just enjoying them.  In a lot of ways, I want it to stay like this for a long time.  I'm so excited to start 2013 with this momentum.

To close out, I've had this post-it on my bulletin board since the Giants went into the playoffs.  It payed off then, and it's paying off now.  In the words of Hunter Pence, "Win. That's all."

You should too.

Here's to more wins in 2013.

With love,