This and that...

I found this "meme" on [i] Love Life this morning and thought I'd share.  I don't really put much on this space anymore, but I figured this is a good little blurb to share about what's going on in my life lately.


What's on my...
VANITY | Not much because I have zero counter space.  I think right now, my toothbrush, my soap, my brush and some bobby pins.  If I had my way, I'd have way more cool stuff.
PERENNIAL TO DO LIST | Start swimming again. Get my passport renewed. Travel more. Take more photos of people not things. Love my house more.
REFRIGERATOR SHELVES | Right now, one too many leftovers, but plenty to eat. And a new bottle of sriracha. So.  You know.  We're good.
ITINERARY | I'm hoping to spend some time on the lovely Oregon coast at the end of May/early June.  I'd like to see fall leaves in Michigan some day.  I think I may see the blue waters of Tahoe this summer too.
FANTASY ITINERARY | Tuscany, Paris, London, Japan...anywhere that's not in the US basically.
PLAYLIST | Junip's new self-titled album. Over the Love, Flo's new single for The Great Gatsby.  (Which is basically being shortened to 'Gatsby' and I'm not sure how I feel about that, Baz.)
NIGHTSTAND | Silver Linings Playbook and my Nook.  Currently up on my Nook is The Handmaid's Tale.  Tough read, but really good.  Also some books I need to read and a Giants magazine. :)
WORKOUT PLAN | Uh. That I should do that...
IPHONE | Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Texts, Email. Not that exciting.
TOP 5 LIST | Chicago. Instagram Prints (from here). Indoor plants. My man. A good pair of boots.
BUCKET LIST | Go back to Europe. Cover all of the states. Sit on the Oscars red carpet. Stop killing outdoor plants.
MIND | Finding balance after Chicago. Inspiring myself again for work. Finding a new creative project. Finishing my crochet blanket.
WALLS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE | The one above my TV. My photo wall.  Complete with new Bean and Wrigley photos.  I love it.
LIQUOR SHELF | Wine and bourbon.  Oh, and Pimm's. No good combos there.
SCREENSAVER | You know, I don't have one on this computer. My personal computer has the apple "flurry" on it. It's like hypnosis to me.
TV EVERY NIGHT | What don't I watch on TV every night. Survivor on Wednesdays, Project Runway and Scandal on Thursdays, cooking shows on Saturdays and Mad Men and Amazing Race on Sundays.  Plus a million other things.

Hoping to get a Chicago post together soon.  I'm finally settling in after the trip, but organizing photos for a post will be fun. Stay tuned!