Keeping On Keeping On...

Oof, there's been a lot going on. Last weekend was busy busy and this week was busy busy, so this weekend I decided to take it easy.

I'm declaring it Craft Weekend 2010. What does that entail, you ask?

Making more of these.

Trying this out (with my own pattern and supplies)

"Live Love Helvetica." Because really...what more do you need than Helvetica? I rest my case.

Crocheting these for a friend :)

And continuing working on this.

Also this weekend? GIANTS. We're making it this time...let's all chant together. GO GIANTS!!

Today I marched to the farmers market while shaking my bum to this.

This week a delightful package arrived from my dear talented silversmith friend. :) Have been wearing them with pride all week.

Going to get back to my crafting now that I'm hyped off on coffee and the delightful chill blowing through my window. Is anyone else as thrilled about fall being here as I am?? I've been wearing sweaters with pride for the past few days. I'm so excited!!

I'm hoping all of you lovelies have fantastic weeks ahead of you and a delightful weekend. Thinking of you always.




Some of my favorite links...

Well, even though I haven't been blogging much I've been hoarding some fantastic links for you all. So without further ado...here they are!

I found this print on Etsy a while ago and fell in love with it. Simple vector prints really make my day.

I absolutely love this clutch. Currently I am on a mission to try it myself and make one. Not sure if it'll work out, but this is a great source of inspiration.

By now you all know my weakness for typography, great wall art, and Star Wars. So here's this.

I think this vintage ring is faboosh, don't you?

Such cute, adorable, and simple silver earrings. I need, methinks....

I saw this adorable pin on the front page a few weeks ago. Look how cute this is!!

Do these shoes really need an introduction? I want. I want badly...

Well there's my list for the week. Here's hoping I'll be back next week with some more blogs...fingers crossed! Have a great week all of you!





Well well well...as it turns out, I do still exist. Sorry for making you think otherwise. It has been, how shall I say this, an interesting couple of months. A lot of getting used to my new place, getting used to being alone (even more so now that Molson has joined the big fishbowl in the sky), and getting accustomed to my new life here.

It's been a big adjustment period and I feel like I have finally settled down. I think it was symbolized by the arrival of my sofa a few weeks ago. It's rare that you'll find me somewhere else besides my sofa or my desk lately. I'll spare you the griddy details of my emotional journey (and bloody setbacks) of the past month, but know that I feel older, wiser and much better about myself. I'm looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me. :)

I'm still sans official camera, but I've snapped a few photos of my life with my phone that I want to share with you. So here's a little flip book update on my life.

Still loving my new town. So much.

Checked out the Scottish Fair across the street a few weeks ago. Lots of bagpipes...lots of kilts...

Really really gooooood cookies!

Sushi date for one?

Back in the kitchen, finally :)

Went to a few Giants games. Did I mention they won the National League West? Exciting business!

First fall craft! Make one, they're easy peasy!

Fall-time = boot-time

Fall farmer's market love. Look at all the colors!!

Trying to look cool and pretend I have legs for days...

Dinner last night. Tomato hand pies, polenta and broccoli! mmm :)

I have a TON of links to share with you, that I'll put together for tomorrow. I hope all of you are well, I've missed you so much. I'm so sorry I haven't updated more, but I feel like I needed this time to become happy and comfortable again, before blogging about it. I hope you understand and that I haven't lost all of you in the process! Big kisses and hugs to you all! Happy Fall!

Love always,