Some of my favorite links...

Well, even though I haven't been blogging much I've been hoarding some fantastic links for you all. So without further ado...here they are!

I found this print on Etsy a while ago and fell in love with it. Simple vector prints really make my day.

I absolutely love this clutch. Currently I am on a mission to try it myself and make one. Not sure if it'll work out, but this is a great source of inspiration.

By now you all know my weakness for typography, great wall art, and Star Wars. So here's this.

I think this vintage ring is faboosh, don't you?

Such cute, adorable, and simple silver earrings. I need, methinks....

I saw this adorable pin on the front page a few weeks ago. Look how cute this is!!

Do these shoes really need an introduction? I want. I want badly...

Well there's my list for the week. Here's hoping I'll be back next week with some more blogs...fingers crossed! Have a great week all of you!



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  1. Wow...you HAVE been away! I love your new blog look and as always your selections! Methinks the earrings are quite cute, the shoes....yumm, and you know the rest! Have a great week Marina! : )