Pretty Links...

As promised, I have QUITE a few links to share with you that I've been hoarding over the holiday season. Some of these will be finding their way to me very soon....:}

First off, House of Harlow has recently updated their shop with the new spring pieces. I've always been a fan of the "not too expensive" jewelry, but this season's items are stunning. Right now my favorite is this set of Art Decco inspired earrings. Yummy.

I was looking for a poster for my brother for Christmas on Threadless and I came across this GORGEOUS poster. I have a thing for red foxes and I adore the color palette of this piece. DO WANT.

I found this brooch in an Etsy showcase a while back. I love jewelry that has both silver and gold in it and this pin is no exception. The delicate etching is lovely as well.

I saw this artist in a Storque article a couple of months ago and fell in love with her edgy designs. Her shop is currently closed for vacation but you can view her past work in her sold section. This is my favorite that she's done.

I have plenty of purses, but I'm always on the lookout for more. I LOVE silk dupioni and this clutch makes perfect use of it. This is a custom listing but i LOVE the color combo in the photo.

I have no idea where I could ever wear a necklace like this one but I think it's stunning. 'Nuff said.

My pal Eleanor decided that I need to have this skirt. I agree too. It's even cool from the back! LUUUUHVE!

Well that's all I got for you his time! I'm always bookmarking pretty things so I'll have more soon. Have a super week!



Slam Bang Finish...

Once upon a time I had a blog...

And I updated frequently...

Then life got hard (in the best way) and I stopped for a while...

Now I'm back to show you some pictures of what I've been up to!

I practiced my paparazzi skills on the race horses across the street.

I stocked up on Christmas supplies at Trader Joe's.

I decorated for Christmas.

Pleasanton got foggy. :}

I dressed up for Christmas.


My brother gave me the best Christmas present EVAR.

I got some new shoes.

I made some new friends, quite literally.

There was wine tasting.

Sassy outfits.

And this. Quite possibly the MOST important thing of 2010. :) Giants winning the world series and all...

Sending all my love and best wishes to your 2011! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I've missed all of you and I hope to be back regularly soon. I've got a lot of fun Etsy finds to show you and will be posting those VERY soon.

With Love,