On The Golden Globes...

It's no secret that I love award shows.  Sometimes I have thoughts on how things go down.  Sometimes they are not polite or politically correct.  I've decided to share my thoughts. My apologies if you worship Paula Patton and/or Madonna and/or Lea Michelle.

Read on if you feel so inclined...

Paula Patton was ridiculous all night. You could see her clapping in the front row.  She was way impressed with all of the presenters.

Madonna? Bitch. Seriously. I said out loud "Your song won, not your film, babe!"

Angelina...I find you phoney, uninteresting and boring, but I really liked your dress.

Did you see Ashton's face when he came out after Ricky insulted his ended marriage? WHUPS!!

I thought Michelle Williams' speech about being a mom was very sweet

Natalie walking to the wrong podium cracked me up.  Sweet little thing.

I really wanted Viola to win, and I think Meryl did too. Incidentally, I LOVE the name Meryl.  Also, she cracks me up.  I hope she got her glasses back, lol.  Did you see the smooch she left on her hubby? Epic.

George + Brad = <3  Bromance fo' life!!

Downton Abbey. The End.

There were some really funny Ricky moments.  I thought he was fine and I mostly think he got panned because we were expecting too much.  Let's just give him props for that smart red tux, yeah?  Furthermore, all hail Billy at the Oscars! YAY!!!

Did you hear Kelsey Grammer's wife is pregnant? Again I ask: BIRTH CONTROL, CELEBS? USE IT.

Martin Scorsesse has a 12 year old?? Whoa.  Hugo was fantastic though. Bravo to him.

Tin Tin FTW!! I really really didn't want Cars 2 to win.  Tin Tin deserved it, hands down.

I'm so sad I haven't seen The Artist yet.  That actor is delicious.

Claire Danes.  Babe.  Pasties. They're seriously like a dollar. It gets cold in those big rooms, especially when you're nervous and/or thinking about your husband.

 Paula Patton. I still can't get over her. I think she started taking Tom Cruise's drugs.

How the heck does Nicole Kidman keep getting invited to these things?  On another note, her dress was stunning. Did she get a boob job?

Octavia Spencer, you looked beautiful and I love that you won SO much.

I thought Uggie on the stage was silly, frankly.  This is a peoples' award show.

Let's talk about how Angelina's film was nominated under foreign film with the country listed (and announced) as USA. Fairness, in its truest form.

Fassbender's you-know-what got a shout out by George Clooney.  Do you need anything else in life as a man? He might as well retire a happy man now. (After that, I looked it up. Can't find a clear pic. Damn.)

Emma Stone's dress was FABOOSH!  Why wasn't SHE a presenter? She's so funny.

Oh oh!! Did you see Tina Fey photobomb Amy?? So funny.

Queen Latifah and Mary J Blidge.  *makes obscene finger/tongue gesture*  You know the one. Get over it.

I was SO ETERNALLY PLEASED that Lea Michelle didn't get ANY screen time. I can't handle her bullshit. (Seriously though...who poses like that?)

Seth Rogan concealing his "massive erection." One of the best moments of the night.

Colin Firth. Best. Swagger. Ever. Also, holy moly he's tall! And sexy. So sooooo sexy.

So Missi Pyle was in The Artist and all I can see her as, is Lalari...or whatever in Galaxy Quest. And when she was on screen I made a loud noise and then said, "Her translator is broken."

My new hair looks like Jodi Foster's hair. Also, she looked wonderful.

Dame Helen. Freaking class, man. Seriously. That woman? Astounds me.

So there you go. My musings on the best party in Hollywood.  I'm sorry if I offended but let's be honest.  These actors are full of themselves.  I shall not feel bad for them.  Onto the Oscars!!



2011 - The Year of Friends...

It seems that the thing to do around this time of year is write a blog post about the previous year.  Best meal, best trip, best piece of music...so on and so forth.  While I do have those things, I spent a lot of time thinking about what 2011 really meant to me.

I don't think I'm alone in feeling that 2011 was sort of an "interesting" year.  It was full of many ups and downs.  High ups, low downs.  Don't get me wrong, there was plenty of amazing, lovely things to outweigh the bad, but I feel like remembering all of those instances isn't what's important.

I spent this year single and on my own. I feel like I grew a lot as a person.  I took risks and tried to realize who I was becoming as a young woman.  More than anything, I've come to realize that your life can be great if you surround yourself with great people.

Out of anything and everything that has happened this year, I feel like that is the most meaningful thing I've taken from 2011.


So many wonderful, special people.

Old friends and new friends.  Friends who will go to concerts with you even when people stretch an unreasonable amount.  Friends who you can always count on to tell you what shirt to wear on a date or make you laugh when you're sad.

Friends that you've known since you were small and can still have fun, even after 20 years.

Friends who live half a world away and seem to know you better than your own brain.  (And who also have fantastic taste in music)

Friends who you met through Twitter that are even more amazing in person.  Friends who took a risk with you and camped for days on the street with the same goal in mind. :)

Friends from other countries that you can still call friends even after years and years.

Friends who keep you sane and strong when it seems like reality is too much to deal with.
Friends who are actually family but so much more than that.

So my friends, I'd like to dedicate my 2011 to you.  I've met so many new people and done so many new things, but they would be nothing without people to share them with.  I never thought I would be so blessed to have so many wonderful people that I can call my friends.
I hope with all of my heart that your 2012 is a fantastic, prosperous and healthy year and that we can make even more memories together.

Love love love,

P.S. Okay.  If we really are going to get all "Best of..." for New Years blogs...  I'd have to say this was pretty awesome.  ;)