Of Giants, Pilots and San Francisco...

Well, we did it. I know I haven't really advertised just HOW big of a San Francisco Giants fan I am [on this blog], but let me tell you...

I'm a big fan.

Like larger font type of fan.

Last night after 52 years of waiting, my beloved team finally won the World Series. I have never been so proud!

I happened to be IN the city last night for the win, even though my boys were playing in Texas. Let's just say San Fran was CRAZY! But it was a little magic. :) I was in town to see Stone Temple Pilots perform at the Warfield. Here is my journey:

Pleasanton BART station.

Skipping over the pizza and TV we were all huddled around to watch the last pitch. I was too excited to take pictures, but this is what happened:

Still get goosebumps... Anyway, onward!

The marquis needed an update, OBVIOUSLY.

Before the show.

Mmm, 90's rock guitarist....yes please!

Riding back in silence on BART at the end of an eventful night.

It was a magic night to be in the city. A magic night to be a Giants fan. A magic night for the Stone Temple Pilots! All around good times.

Hope all of you are well! Sending some fall love your way!!


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  1. Congratulations! We watched a few games and my husband flew to SF to go to one of their games...yeah for you and for them! xo