A Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Education Part 2...

Hello again!

Long time no Twilight!  Well, not really.

The Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack track-listing was released today and wanted make quick work of educating y'all on some of the artists, seeing as a couple of them are favorites of mine.

If I'm being honest, I wasn't EXACTLY thrilled when I first read this list and I don't really know why.  I think it's because I had really high hopes for this last installment.  Favorite artists I was hoping for, and other favorites I wanted to contribute again. *coughs* Bon Iver *coughs* However, after going through each artist, I'm warming quite a bit.

My statement from my A Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Education Part 1 still stands.  The Twilight soundtracks are great ways for these artists to get a larger following, and in encourage you guys to look into more of their music.  I've had quite a nice night doing so myself.

Rather than doing Sound Cloud clips like before, I'm going speak a little about each artist and put the download link at the bottom.

1. Passion Pit - I've known these guys for a while and consider "Little Secrets" to be one of my power songs.  They have recently released a new album, but their first album is my favorite.

2. Ellie Goulding - This little chickie is 25 with an AMAZING voice.  Her cover of "Your Song" is incredible.  I think she makes a perfect match for the Twilight franchise.

3. Green Day - Here is where my puzzlement lies.  I enjoy Green Day, I have for years, but I can't say I understand why they're going to be on the Twilight soundtrack   This song must be pretty amazing.  When do we think?  Arm wrestling?

4. Feist - I love Leslie Feist's music a lot and I had no idea she was part of Broken Social Scene.  Again, another great pick for Twilight.  "1234" is one of my favorite songs, so I included it.

5. The Boom Circuits - I've never heard of these guys before.  Most of their music comes from their EP so they don't have much out there right now but I'm really enjoying their sound.  Their song on the soundtrack is called "Everything and Nothing" and I feel like this could apply to B & E. We shall see!

6. St. Vincent - As many of you may remember, St. Vincent teamed up with Bon Iver (BIG BIG SIGH) for New Moon with the song "Roslyn."  To this day, this is my favorite song off any Twilight soundtrack.  I'm really looking forward to hearing what she has in store for Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Her solo sound is a lot harsher than "Roslyn."

7. POP ETC - Here's another band that I've never heard of before.  These guys are kind of hybrid electric/rock music.  I enjoyed what I heard and I hope you will too.

8. Iko - Definitely one of my favorite artists I've discovered this evening.  In early articles about the soundtrack, they had dropped their name, which means that she's probably more popular than I realized.  That's my bad because her music is amazing.  I hope you like too!

9. A Boy and His Kite - It was hard to find much out about this band.  Right now there is only one song on iTunes and I included it in this mix.  Reminds me of Sleeping At Last a little.  Definitely a good thing :)

10. James Vincent McMorrow - I recently heard McMorrow while listening to Pandora.  He has very etherial sounding music that should fit well in with the film.  "Follow Me Down To The Read Oak Tree" is one of my favorite songs as well.

11. Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed - Hmmm...well. You go, Rosalie!

12. Reeve Carney - So apparently this guy sang and stared in a Spiderman musical?  Despite popular opinion...I didn't include any of those songs on this mix. They're on iTunes though.

13. Christina Perri - After being seriously wowed by her contribution to Breaking Dawn Part 1, I can't wait to hear the second half of the song!  I'm sure it will be great :)  I forgot to include Christina's music on my first compilation, so here they are for part 2!

So there you have it.  Some thoughts and opinions.  You can download my compilation below.  Enjoy and let's keep up the excitement for the soundtrack release on November 13th!

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  1. Looking forward to listening to these artists, thanks Marina for the info.