3 of 27 - Crochet a Throw...

It's easy to start yarn projects and abandon them.  I've learned this over the 2+ years I've been crocheting.  Sometimes you come back to them, but most of the time you end up repurposing the yarn for something else.  In general, I finish most of my craft projects...eventually...but I have never yet been determined enough to finish a large-scale yarn project.  This is why I wanted to put it on my list this year.

I wanted to do it right this time.  I was browsing through Pitnerest for inspiration, as you do, and found a really simple and nice-looking granny square pattern.  In the blog post, she linked to what the finished project would look like to and I really liked the look.  I was going to do this one and I was going to do it right - buy nice yarn, plan a color palette and keep on keepin' on.

After skeins and SKEINS of yarn (and realizing it takes a TON of yarn to make a decent sized blanket) I had a rhythm going.  One of the best parts about this throw, aside from the square pattern (which was easy to memorize) was that I had to wing the rest.  ie. Figure out how to put them together, how to edge it, whether or not I wanted to felt it, etc.

Another blessing during this project was the Summer Olympics.  Talk about a way to pass the time.  I worked pretty much non-stop on this project during the 2 weeks of the Olympics and finished just in time.

I enjoyed every aspect of this piece.  The colors, the squares, the way I crocheted them together and the end product.

Also, I was working on it during a particularly stressful time, and it was the perfect escape for me.  I am so thankful was able to throw myself into this project and achieve something I'm really proud of.

So there you go.  A complete throw, lots of purple and work that I'm proud of.  I'm checking this one off my list with a heavy hand because it was so much fun.  I encourage all of you to not only try crocheting, but to take a risk in making something big.  The struggle is worth it.


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