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Well, here's one of twelve.

I apologize for the title (actually, I don't) but I started this series after a particularly taxing week.  It has since stuck and for the foreseeable fute, I see this being my monthly album title unless I get more creative.

I've got some new artists on this list, and some from friends from all over the world.  The internet really is magic.  Please enjoy!!

  1. Ho Hey - The Lumineers (Heard this song on Pandora the other day. It's peppy. I like peppy.)
  2. London - Noonday Underground (I am OBSESSED with this song. Amanda Abbington turned me on to these guys)
  3. In Your Atmosphere (Live) - John Mayer (Heard this on Pandora too. I really, really like this song. He's such a good guitar player)
  4. Nothing to Remember -Neko Case (This is from the Hunger Games soundtrack. I miss Neko, I'm glad she's got a new-ish track)
  5. Wildest Moments - Jessie Ware (a friend "gave" me this song for my birthday. I lurve it)
  6. Ooh La La - Goldfrapp (This song isn't new by any means, but she's great.)
  7. Airplanes - Local Natives (just downloaded this album. It's cool.)
  8. All Fall Down - Shawn Colvin (New Shawn Colvin!! Aw yeah!!!)
  9. The Ladder - Andrew Belle (I think I heard this song on Tumblr, then I heard it in Safeway one day? Yeah, my Safeway is with it.)
  10. Paradise - Coldplay (What?)
  11. Woman Scorned - Saint Saviour (I JUST found her yesterday and I am obsessed. Download ALL her songs)
  12. Kingdom Come -The Civil Wars (Also from THG soundtrack. This song song is so pretty)
  13. Roosevelt Blues - Lanu (From a dear friend)
  14. Tidal Wave - Husky (fromt he same dear friend <3)
  15. Better than Today - Kylie Minogue (I'm sorry. I just love her. And this song is all about positive attitude!)
  16. Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema (upbeat. rad.)
  17. Big Black Car - Gregory Alan Isakov (Heard this on Pandora too.  I liked the guitar melody)
  18. Hard to Please (Demo) - The Weepies (I heard this version the other day and I just love it so much. LOVE THEM FOREVER)

Enjoy the music!  You can download HFF vol. 4 here!


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