And So I'm Offering This Simple Phrase...

To you!!

It's Christmas time again (I can't believe it) and one of my favorite things about the season is the music.  I'm sort of a snob when it comes to Christmas music in that I love my classics.  A lot.  As you can tell my the title of this post, The Christmas Song by Mr. Nat King Cole is my favorite Christmas song ever.  I also love a little Andy Williams, Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby but there are plenty of new songs that have been catching my attention.

Here is a playlist of my favorite Christmas songs for 2011.  It has all my favorite classics like It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, Sleigh Ride, Rockin Around The Christmas Tree, and Holly Jolly Christmas.  I've also spent some time gathering some new songs.  Sufjan Stevens is one of my favorite artists right now and he has some great songs that aren't covers.  They're original lyrics!  The fabulous She And Him have a new Christmas album out this year and I've included one of their songs.  I've also put in some fun covers from Rogue Wave (another fav), Jimmy Eat World and Sleeping at Last (new fav).


I hope you enjoy the songs and maybe find some new favorites!  You can download my playlist here!

Is everyone gearing up for a busy holiday season yet?  I haven't decorated yet (or even tried) but I have plans to do so tomorrow.  I expect I'll be taking lots of photos and will try to post them here at some point.  Until then, Enjoy your holidays with your families and friends.

All my warmest holiday wishes!

With love,


  1. Cool beans Marina! Thank you! I shall listen to this playlist while I decorate today! Of course Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You Is On There too. :) <3

  2. I just downloaded the playlist. Looks like we have pretty similar taste in music. At the moment, Sufjan Stevens is one of my favorite artists too, and I love She and him. Weren't you into Bon Iver as well? Thank you for sharing, Marina! :)