Wow. What a week...

It's been a little crazy.

Emotionally, mentally and physically. But then again, how else do we grow?

The best news is...I'M MOVED IN!

This is my new hometown and I'm SO excited!

My fish is happy.

*wiggle wiggle wiggle*

And Jesse Holland and I had our little photoshoot session in Berkeley last week. It was the terrific topper to a truly horrific day. So thanks Jesse, for making my day end on a positive note!

I'm still camera-less so as soon as I get that remedied/clean up the mess that is my new condo I'll share more pictures with you guys!

Right now my clean desktop is floating my boat and making this new workspace the best place ever! I hope you've all had a fantastic week so far and are enjoying the [finally] sunny weather!




  1. Congratulations...how fun! I visited Pleasanton a couple of years ago...

    Look forward to more photos!

  2. Marina, your optimism impressed me when we met. I hope that next week (month and year) are more fun for you!

  3. Woo! Glad the move went well :)

  4. The name of your town sounds so adorable!