A Few Do-Dads...

Since I've been gone from the blog for so long I have some awesome finds to share with you all!

First up, a necklace I found this morning in an Etsy showcase. I love that little piece of periwinkle fabric in the middle, and the paisley shape of it. Beautiful.

I saw this GORGEOUS clutch on Oh Joy! this week. Look at the colors...and the sequins...so pretty. If I wasn't saving up for a sofa...

I saw this yummy colored blackberry lip stain on Etsy a couple of weeks ago. Look at that pretty berry color...

I've been seeing these necklaces on various blogs all over the interwebs, but this is my current favorite. Such an interesting idea, and I love the color combos.

I'm a little hesitant to try hand-made shoes, especially a pair of go-to flats, but these black flats are adorable, and look really comfortable. Plus, I'm all for supporting hand-made...

These earrings were in a showcase last week. I love the concept, and I love how they sit on your ears. Really cute.

Lastly, I may or may not have just bought this pattern so that I can crochet a humpback whale to sit on my couch. Like I said, 50/50 chance I just bought it...:) Oh come on, who wouldn't want to hug a whale?!

Well, that's all my finds for today, readers. I hope you found something that could inspire you on this lazy Sunday. Have a great week, and I'll check in with you at my new place!


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  1. You always find the cutest items...I like to try the lip balm. Have a great Sunday evening and a lovely new week! xo