26 While 26...

1. go to 5 new wineries
2. host a dinner party
3. make an article of clothing
4. finish my cross stitch and start a new one
5. buy a piece of art

6. exercise once a week
7. travel somewhere new
8. adopt a cat
9. meet Buster Posey
10. attend a horse race across the street
11. go on a date

12. hang all my art
13. attend a midnight premiere of a movie
14. find a new band
15. go to the Ferry Building farmer's market
16. bake Christmas cookies
17. cook something from each continent
18. see 10 live shows
19. spend a day in San Francisco

20. have a Harry Potter movie marathon
21. sew a duvet cover
22. meet a friend from far away
23. go to a spring training game
24. make an investment
25. buy a camera and take pictures
26. read 10 books

Here's to 26! Wish me luck!!



  1. Sounds like a fun year, good luck! :-)

  2. Good luck!! I'm going to get started on my list now.