15 While 25... (updated!)

Last year around this time I made my 25 While 25 list. While I'm still working on my 26 While 26 list, I thought I'd take the time to go through my existing to-do's and see how well I did.

Turns out, not bad! There's a few I might be able to squeak in the next couple of weeks, but for now we're going with 14 out of 25. I'll take it!

To recap:

1. Bake a cake - Cake. Baked. Fear not, I only made half a cake, hehe. I made my favorite, yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

2. Sew a duvet cover - Found lots of fabric I liked...all too expensive. I'm going to carry this over to my 26 list :)

3. Go away for a weekend - Winter Wineland in Sonoma county, CA. Such a WONDERFUL weekend with friends. Unfortunately all my purchases from that weekend have been consumed. Let's go next year!!

4. Plant herbs out back - Yeah, that never happened.

5. Make a desktop background - Needless to say, I've made many. ;)

6. Go to the new library - When I wrote this I was living at my old house where they had just built a brand new library. Here the library is right down the street and I have STILL not visited. Hoping to rectify this within the next couple of weeks!

7. Apply for a fantasy job - During my job hunt last summer, I applied for a position with DeviantArt where I've been posting my art for the past 6 years. It didn't work out but I was proud of myself for accepting the challenge.

8. Invent a cocktail - I still have 2 weeks!

9. Read a Jane Austen novel - When I wrote this list I semi cheated because I had Emma already started. Would you believe my bookmark has not moved all year? Me neither...

10. Get something professionally printed - For Christmas this year I made my Dad a poster to commemorate one of the most exciting moments of our year.

11. Coin a catch phrase - Waymazing. Get on board. It's waymazing. ;)

12. Draw and complete a picture - Finished! As of 6/27...just in time! It's Merida from the new Pixar movie Brave. Check out the trailer here!

13. Go to Disneyland - Epic family vacation!! Was a total blast to go away with my 3 favorite people and have the most amazing time. I'm so blessed to be able to spend this time with my family and I treasure every moment.

14. Make my Christmas cards - Notice I said make not send. So...sorry about that.

15. Have a Harry Potter marathon [with Eleanor] - Do you know how hard it is to find the time to watch 7 movies? Also moving to 26 list.

16. Update my website - I did at one point...but I should probably do that again soon.

17. Buy a fish or keep mine alive - Had a fish. Loved my fish. Miss my fish. RIP Molson.

18. Bake a peach pie - Well, it is peach season now, isn't it? We'll put this on the 26 list.

19. Buy a new sofa - I'm sitting on it right now. It's quite possibly one of my favorite things.

20. Self-host my blog - This was actually a really good goal, but seeing as my blogging sort of faded away after I moved, I didn't feel the need. This is something I really should do and I'd like to this year. Hopefully...

21. Make coq au vin - Delicious.

22. Take a nice photo... - It happened. That's enough.

23. Buy a new font - Man, fonts are expensive. But, pending a good deal, this could be remedied by the 27th!!

24. Write thank you notes for all gifts - Honorable goal and I failed miserably.

25. Move - YES!! One of my first goals that I completed :) It's been a fanTASTic year because of that. I love Pleasanton to pieces.

So there you have it. Roughly 14 out of 25. I'm proud of myself for doing this list, for hanging this list in my home and for trying new things because of it. This year has been all sorts of crazy but so many WONDERFUL things have happened. I've met friends of all sorts, found a new job, traveled and grown a lot. Although my birthday has crept up on me once again, I feel ready for it this time. I feel like I've aged a year and I mean that in the best way.

Bring it 26!!

26 list coming soon!

Sending lots and lots of love to you all! Thank you for reading my little blog!



  1. It's very admirable that you've accomplished so many of your goals.

    Increasing the number of items per year seems depressing to me, but I have 22 years on you. I'll be 48 in August. The idea of putting together a list of 48 items seems incredibly overwhelming. So, I commend your effot!


  2. I am entirely impressed....are you changing all or just adding one to the list? Congratulations Marina! : )

  3. Chris Weitz uses the word waymazing regularly in his tweets (so I’ve been told). I think this is one of your major achievements for the year. Your blog is beautiful. It’s funny how we make lists and then achieve a whole range of things completely ‘off plan’. You have achieved much in the past year Young Skywalker, much. :))